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Where should I buy my Fake ID from?

There are few things to keep in mind when deciding which ID seller you should give your money to:


REFUND POLICY: What is the refund policy of the Fake ID website? Some websites do not have it published so it is best to contact the customer support team to find out. Other websites have an unconditional refund policy – no questions asked. Try to find out specifically whether you are entitled to a re-ship if the ID gets seized at customs or if the ID does not scan.

ARE THE ID’S SCANNABLE? Make sure you buy an ID that is advertised as “scannable” as there is a good chance that at some point you will use it somewhere that has a scanner. To find out more about read our section below about scannable ID cards.

GOOD VARIETY OF STATES – Stick with one of the Fake ID websites that have the largest selection of states so you aren’t forced into picking a state that you’re not comfortable with for the sake of convenience.

EASY PAYMENT OPTIONS –  It is advisable to check with your seller what payment options they accept as the last thing you want is to spend time on the order page just for you to get stuck at the payments page. Most reputable sellers accept Amazon gift cards or Cash App bitcoin transfers.

How can I tell if a website is a scam?

There are 3 key points you should watch out for when looking for a Fake ID website that you can trust:


1) Reputation. Does the seller have reviews that you can find on Google? They should ideally have a reviews section on their website where you can find direct links to read what other customers have had to say.

2) Website domain name. Look for websites ending in “.com” and “.org” – these tend to be more legit. Websites ending in URLs such as “.cc” or “.to” or “.cn” have had a history of being host to ID scammers in recent times.

3) Proof photos of ID’s. Does the seller have photos of Fake ID’s that they have produced? Keep in mind that ANYONE can just steal an ID photo from Google Images so pay close to attention to the picture and look for either the name of the ID seller PRINTED onto the Fake ID – or at a minimum to have their website name/seller name written on a piece of paper.

Why can't I pay for my Fake ID using credit card?

A common issue that customers run into is that they are shocked they can’t pay using credit card. There are several reasons for this:


1) Sellers need to protect their privacy. Every time you purchase something online using your credit card, the bank that processes your payment has the full information of the seller of the product – including their name, address and phone number. Because Fake ID sellers are usually dealing in an illegal product (depending on where in the world they are located) giving up their info for a credit card processing account is not a good trade-off.

2) PayPal/Stripe/Banks don’t like to work with ID sellers. Each of these payment processors has a long list of prohibted businesses and unsurpsingly every single one of them has banned ID sellers from using their services. This means at any given point in time the entire account and all the money in it could be frozen.

3) Customers can fraudulently claim refunds. Unfortunately whilst 95% of customers are good customers, 5% try to exploit the system – and they know that if they tell Stripe or PayPal or the bank that they never received the ID that the ID seller won’t be able to complain about it as they are operating an illegal business – therefore they can’t show evidence of tracking or purchases etc.

So if you see a seller saying they WILL accept credit cards? Run away. The fact that they are offering it at all given the reasons above, means they are most likely just going to keep your credit card information.

Most common payment methods

Bitcoin 95%
Amazon Gift Card 80%
Cash App 70%
Western Union 50%
Cash 24%

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