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Superb quality Australian Fake ID really happy with it

Very happy with the quality of the card I got (from Fake ID Australia.com) . It’s professional, was well hidden and the seller was communicative throughout. My big problem is that the replacement card never showed, and so now I’m worried about using the full versatility of the card, particularly as it is needed for work and I’m stalling on doing that.

I mentioned that the replacement didn’t arrive, and the response has been that they can’t trust that I’m not just making up that the card has never arrived (fair enough), and thus they have offered me 50% off for a reprint (something they didn’t have to offer). I know there are dickheads out there will try and scam anything they can for free, and so I can see why they are sceptical, but at the same time that means I’m not going to have to pay a total of $375 for a fake id that I ordered in February.

I offered to pay the full $125 if necessary on the 10th of Jun (now 25th) but asked if $70 would be okay instead, as that way it’s the same as me getting 2 P licences sent out, and they responded sayin gOK

I’ll update this post once I get my second card, and let everyone know what it’s like. But if it’s the same quality as the first card but with the numbers in the right spots I’ll be very happy

If you’re wondering whether to order, I’d say do it. My slightly negative experience aside, I thing the quality is well worth it. Except for the switched numbers, I was pretty damn ecstatic about it all.

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  • Card Design Template

    On the card I received, everything (for this value I'm excluding the numbers switched around) was great for a glance, and even on close inspection. The holos are great, the detail and fonts are great, the only thing that makes it 9/10 instead of 10/10 is the wattle flower or whatever it is in the centre background - which is only a TINY bit lighter than a real one. On its own, it's essentially a perfect card and not something you'd notice,. Being out of state, this isn't an issue for me and it's a 10/10

  • Security Features

    Really top notch, absolutely looks real, nothing to fault - holos, UV, green core etc

  • Security Features

    Really top notch, absolutely looks real, nothing to fault - holos, UV, green core etc

  • Checkout Process

    A bit annoying that can only pay with Flexepin or Bitcoin as I wanted to pay with credit card

  • Communication

    10/10 AND 6/10 Here's where I sort of have to leave 2 reviews. For my first order - 10/10, responses to tickets were phenomenally fast; these guys went out of their way to give me the fields I wanted and it wasn't a problem. Unfortunately, when the card arrived it had the licence number and card number switched around - when I went to ask for a replacement, I got in just before they went dark for a little bit and shut down operations.

  • Id Success Rate

    Used it several times at local night spot.. heaps of bottle shops & casino

  • Shipping

    The card arrived reasonably fast, about what you'd expect (3 weeks after being made). Nothing too crash hot here, but this limitation is more on Australia Post and international snail mail than it is on fakeidaustralia.com. Came very well hidden in something I think is almost guaranteed to work every time. Very happy with the concealment.

  • Card Quality

    Superb quality really happy with it

  • Cost/value

    Expensive but all Australian sellers are expensive compared to america

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