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Here is my review for fakeyourdrank.com fake id cards
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Here is my review for fakeyourdrank.com fake id cards

Card Design Template

Similar to the real one

Security Feature

most were legit some wheren't

Checkout Process

Easy enough


I only had one question, but he was very helpful and responded in like 2 minutes.

Id Success Rate

The restaurant I work at has a full bar, and I was hoping I could get on of my coworkers to help me scan it or try the UV light but apparently we don't have either of those tools >:(. BUT, my card did scan with all the correct info when I tried it on an app, And my sister and her friend were impressed so maybe that means something??? haha i dunno.


I sent it to my sister's address and she was the one who opened it, so I never saw the packaging for myself, but since it doesn't have to go through customs or anything I'm sure you'll be fine. I ordered it right before i left on vacation and it had arrived by the time I got back, so shipping was about 1 week or possible less. Many of my friends have had to wait a month or more, so I was very happy with how fast it arrived!

Card Quality

I actually live in Oregon (don't worry, I'm not going to use it in state), so I was able to compare it to my provisional U21 license, which is pretty much the same as a regular license except the picture of my face is on the opposite side. Overall, the ID is pretty decent, and I'm confident that it will be able to pass when the time comes -- I'm not going to using until the school year starts, since I go to college out-of-state. There are a few flaws, and I'm not sure which of them are very important, but yeah I'll go ahead and mention them for sake of creating informed buyers. The entire background image is pretty blurry, but I knew that would be the case when making the purchase. The holograms aren't as bright and clear as the ones on my real ID, but the placement is correct and they look pretty good imo. The text is a little too bold and the blue lettering is a few shades off, and the anatomical donor symbol on the back of the is too grey/blurry (but who's going to be looking at that anyway). One last small detail is that on the back of the card there is a thin grey line that goes all the way across that is supposed to spell out a word repeatedly when looked at under a microscope; I think it's supposed to say "OREGON." My novelty appears to have just a regular grey line, but I'm pretty sure that is something they only look for in the state or Oregon itself. Still, there are some really good features on this novelty also. They did a good job photoshopping, even though I didn't supply them with the best photo. The thickness is on-point and both cards seem to have the same amount of malleability. Also, they used my custom sig at no extra cost, which is awesome! Other than that everything seems to be accurate; there are no typos or anything and everything is where it's supposed to be!


I paid $85 with a 15 dollar off coupon, and I think $50 for a duplicate. So $135 for two ids. Super fair price, I think, especially because it included shipping and he didn't charge for a custom sig.


Total Score

Over all Score

Excepteur sint occaecat cupIn the end, I would definitely recommend this supplier. He's helpful, fast, and I know the product isn't the best available, but it's pretty good. He's also one of the few I've seen to sell Oregon, which was important to me. It's not very commonly faked, and therefore less suspicious than other states might be. And I go to school in WA so it makes more sense that I would be from the west coast. Also, I figured that if anyone at the local supermarkets/gas stations/ etc. happened to recognize me once I actually DO turn 21, I won't appear to have suddenly moved across the country.idatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

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