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I ordered my Fake ID card from ID God on February 19 as I needed it for spring break as well as summer…

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Note from Admin: A lot of people are asking what the real ID God URL is. As of April 2020 it is

I ordered my card from ID God on February 19 as I needed it for spring break as well as summer. Obviously my plans got kinda screwed up (thanks Covid-19) and I thought that would impact me being able to get the ID at all, but they provided good customer support and kept contact the entire time to ensure I received my fake drivers license


Card Design Template

Think of this score as a 9.5 because this is pretty damn accurate. Colors all look great, font and darkness all look good. Only little thing I guess I'll mention in this category is the one error made in printing and that's just a different birth date then the one I entered/have remembered. Not a big deal at all just have to memorize the new date. Also just a tad harder to bend than a normal ID (which you could honestly just attribute to it being new). Medical Alert text on the back is also a tad bolder than real ID's. But overall, fucking awesome. Side note: blurred out the license number bc this fuckers algorithm almost got my actual license number. Sorry about the orientation on them my b.

Security Feature

Vibrant and good. No matter what you see on here or what bouncers say, that bridge should be as visible as it is. It should almost make your name lighter as it does on mine. The only tiny issue is the location of the bridge. On my buddy's real O21, his is slightly higher on his face and goes over the top of his name, while mine goes over the bottom. I'm sure this is one of the things that varies from ID to ID (CA's are fucked), but that's the only issue I could find. Red mountain red. Looks good.

Checkout Process

I submitted my pictures before I ran it by them to check. Messaged them afterwards and they advised that I retake my pictures. I retook them, sent the pics to midstrum, and he switched it out on his end (which Ted also confirmed on a ticket that it had happened). Which is worth a 10 just in a customer service aspect. But the photoshop is even better, bc even though it's blurred out, this motherfucker accounted for the way my head was slightly turned and worked that into the shadows. Gahdamn. Picure is a little saturated just like most CA's. Awesome


ID God has a great reputation of communication and he demonstrated it with my order. Replies within a day or two (longest I had to wait was not even 2 days), and is super polite and nice about the whole process.

Id Success Rate

Scans. Just so everyone knows, when it does the LAST, FIRSTMIDDLE with no space between first and middle, that actually happens on real CA's.


Ordered on a Sunday, arrived in 8 days on Monday. Considering all the issues with Corona i thought that was really good so giving it a 5.

Card Quality

Signature is a Good thickness and length. Just creeps a bit high for my taste but I'm 99% sure it's because I sent my signature in a touch crooked.


Giving it a 4.5 because $150 is a lot of money. I know he just announced he's doing a fixed rate which will be pretty nice. But honestly this thing is probably worth it.


Total Score

Over all Score

Great customer service & a great ID. Need it for use in-state and I think I'll do pretty well. Some of my friends with real CA's have been denied just bc they think it's fake, so if you get denied don't get down. CA's are really really hard to fake (this is known throughout CA) and this will most likely do the trick. Thank you ID God!!

EDIT: I forgot to address something that scared the shit out of me when I first got this thing. Californian ID's can be "enhanced" which means that they're interchangeable with a passport (essentially). Getting your ID enhanced is popular in areas of CA where you can go to Mexico. So when I went to compare with a couple buddies real O21, there was a huge difference in how they looked and felt. I found out this is due to the enhancement.

Enhanced ID's are glossy and laminated. Have that almost Florida look to them. Normal ID's are more matte and smooth. Compared to a non-enhanced O21 CA, ID GOD's is nearly identical in look and feel.

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