Uk Licence Fake ID Review

So, last week I ordered a “replica” UK fake ID from FakeID.CH

So, last week I ordered a “replica” UK fake ID from FakeID.CH (also known as EuroFakeID) I found the website from a friend of mine who got his, it’s come today so I thought I may aswell make a review for him/them.

Well, honestly, I’m surprised that they are getting away with this on the clear web, all things considered it’s (I understand that Reddit takes the term ‘literally’ seriously), however, it’s literally identical to a real UK driving licence

I wasn’t too sure about how Bitcoins worked but he/they explained how they work pretty well, after he confirmed the coins were received, he showed me a picture of his hand with a glove on, holding my ID with all of my info on with the holograms etc, after it was made and processed, which made me feel a little more secure.

I honestly wasn’t too sure about the trustpilot reviews if I’m honest, however I will be making one after I post this, primarily because I’m astounded by the quality of the ID itself.

I suppose out of 5, I’d have to give him 5, simply because it’s here and wasn’t a scam, and I’m genuinely over the moon, his/their customer interaction was amazing too, he replied within an hour, the longest was a 6 hour wait because I sent the email at 2am.

Never the less, It’s honestly perfect, and I’d recommended it to all of you lot in the UK looking for a fake ID

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  • Card Design Template

    i put it next to my brothers real one and i couldnt tell the difference

  • Security Features

    hologram, uv print, microprint all on point

  • Security Features

    hologram, uv print, microprint all on point

  • Checkout Process

    Wish I could pay directly with my credit card but they explained to me that Fake ID websites aren't able to get credit card merchant accounts (since they have an illegal business) so its a bit harder to pay. but they got my funds within 24 hours

  • Communication

    pretty happy with the communication, answered all my queries without too much of a hassle

  • Id Success Rate

    at the pub.. off licence.. and used in 1 club (absolute madness) .. NO ISSUES

  • Shipping

    wasn't the fastest in the world but we got there in the end 🙂

  • Card Quality

    cant fault it.. even when u bend it or scratch it it's the same as a real one

  • Cost/value

    A little steep in price but worth every penny

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