LitFakes Fake ID Review Florida

Texas fake id that actually WORKS In-state

I got this ID from LitFakes to review alongside my Scanny Tx and a Physical O21 Tx. This Texas is absolutely fucking gorgeous, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I am Instate so i will be commenting on color matching, formatting and all around general information about this ID and the experience.

My friend has used this ID in uptown with me & my Scanny TX the last few nights and it has worked without question. I’m waiting on Dingo to release the official price, and fingers crossed hopefully a good reselling program, because Texas IDs are in popular demand where i’m from and will sell like hotcakes. I definitely recommend it if you are in-state, and I doubt anyone would have trouble using this in state let alone out of state. Overall the whole ID is extremely well done and the flaws can only be picked out when going over the ID very carefully.

Thanks to LitFakes for the Review ID, it will be used for many drunk nights to come.As always I will update this review further with UV, Higher Quality Scans, and updates on how well it works in stricter venues when possible.

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  • Communication

    Once i placed my order i had no need to contact him about anything. PMs i have sent him though in the past and recently about various matters have been replied to as soon as half a day each. All contact i've had with dingo has been very positive and professional.

  • Cost

    Cant Beat Free!! I'm pretty sure he hasn't listed his prices for Texas yet, but i would pay a pretty penny for this ID. Will add the price of this ID once his website is up.

  • Cost

    Cant Beat Free!! I'm pretty sure he hasn't listed his prices for Texas yet, but i would pay a pretty penny for this ID. Will add the price of this ID once his website is up.

  • Shipping

    Got here in 11 days from order placed! amazing turnaround time. Crazy good with the quality of this ID, three times faster than how long it took to get my Scanny Tx. And i got both IDs at once whereas with Scanny i got my first and never received my dupe lol.

  • Stealth

    I don't really have anyone go through my mail, but the ID was hidden well, honestly caught me off guard never seen anything like it. great stealth though made me laugh! Would get past parents or dorm mail rooms if needed.

  • Template

    Let me first start off by saying this ID is the best fake i've seen of Texas up to date, surpassing Scanny's TX. I will be thoroughly commenting on all the details of this ID. I will try to add scans of all three together (Dingo, Scanny, & Real) soon. Raised DOB feels exactly like the physicals. The placement of all Text is identical to the Real ID. All of the blue text on the ID is the right shade. The too yellow color that was a problem on Scanny's ID isn't a problem at all on Dingos. The Perforations on this bitch are identical to a real Texas ID. On the back of every Texas ID there is a sentence that includes the word Dırective. As a security measure they chop off the dot on the eye. Dingo has a dot above but Scanny does not. The thickness of the ID and the weight are exactly spot on, however for some reason i noticed off the bat that the ID has a bit of a plasticky feel to it when you're comparing both hand in hand. The Barcode and all the info on the back looks good. The red text on the ID should be more Saturated on the other fake ids out there, but on this one its good. I've noticed that all Texas IDs have a certain design in the middle of the barcode that i will point out in one of the pictures. but i have not seen a single vendor who has made Texas duplicate this design into the barcode image - UNTIL I SAW THIS ONE FROM LITFAKES. The color changing text is pretty on point if you're comparing it side by side to a physical you can slightly see that the transition from blue to red is not exactly as fluid on the fake but not noticeable unless you have a physical to compare to in hand.

  • Photoshop

    Dingo did a really stunning job on the photoshop. backdrop color is extremely close to my physical a lot better than my Scanny by far. Excellent Ear shadows. I've included pics of before and after Photoshop pictures too. Only thing is that the blue lines from the edge of the ID should bleed into the picture more and faintly cover the face.

  • Holograms/OVI

    Very vibrant, pretty close to the physical. The three stars are there and visible look like the real holos, the state seal looks nice however the gold ring should be more noticeable The green and gold branches around the seal should appear slightly more visible then it actually is but again this should not raise any suspicion unless you're up against an experienced bouncer. I have compared this to several physicals and the general placement of Holos on Texas IDs vary slightly between each.

  • Signature

    Signature i submitted. not too thick not too thin. right placement.

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